Asana Project Management Tool

Asana is one of the most famous and largest task management and project management tool in the world. Asana is a collaborative work management tool that allows teams to organise and manage all the tasks involved in projects, from basic tasks to strategic initiatives. It is a collaborative app that endorses transparency and allows users to focus on business goals and objectives. It is a universal solution and will automate the most cumbersome communication and collaboration tasks.

Benefits of ASANA

  • Project Characterization & Prioritization: Asana enables teams to organise tasks through a visual medium and make sure who is doing what by when. Once the project is broken down to tasks and subtasks, even the smallest task is followed by a team member who will perform the task with a deadline.
  • Seamless communication: Asana allows team members to post comments or queries directly on the dashboard. Quick responses are received through this feature of real-time communication. The need for long time-consuming meetings is not necessary once a team starts using Asana. It also has features for team management such as team pages or project discussion pages to have conversations with the whole team and to view all their projects. Through project discussions on Asana the whole team can weigh in and stay updated on the progress for different projects.
  • Customizable Dashboard: Asana has highly customizable dashboards. The managers and team members can follow the progress of each task through the dashboard and also view the status of each team member. The dashboard can be used for group conversations, client queries, tracking leads etc.

Features of Asana:

  • Customized Dashboards
  • Tasks and Subtasks assignment
  • Assigning Tasks
  • Timeline creation
  • Status updates
  • Team Pages
  • Email Integration
  • Notifications and Reminders
  • Setting Priorities and Due Dates

Asana is used to manage any type of project or process. One of the best features of Asana is that it immediately notifies the managers about any change that has been made in the tasks for a project. It is a universal solution for project and task management.