Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality is a type of reality-based display environment which is interactive and makes use of the computer’s capabilities like sounds, texts and effects to enhance the user’s real-world experience. AR is the blending of virtual reality and real life. AR overlays the real world, as seen through the device’s camera, with digital components efficiently enhancing the prevailing environment.

AR as a system fulfils three basic features:

  • It is a combination of the virtual and real world
  • It promotes real-time interaction
  • Precise 3D registration of virtual and real objects

AR rapidly grew popularity because, as stated above, it brings the virtual world and real-world together and enhances the way we see, hear and feel things. AR uses the existing natural environment and overlays virtual information on top of it making both the worlds harmoniously co-exist. Users are able to interact with the virtual content in the real world and also differentiate between the two.

Types of Augmented Reality

  • Projection-based AR

As the name suggests, Projection-based AR is when AR system projects virtual objects onto physical objects. It can be interactive and non-interactive in the sense that it might display an object like a keyboard on your desk or it might project a new product you wish to buy, such as a TV, in the space of your home.

  • Recognition based AR

In Recognition based AR the system recognises the object and provides the information about the same.

  • Location-based AR

It is one of the most widely applied AR. It takes advantage of the smart device’s location detection features.

  • Superimposition based AR

Superimposition AR uses object recognition in order to replace an object entirely or just a part of it with an augmented view. This type of AR can be used in various fields like education, medical, architecture etc.

  • Outlining AR

Outlining AR merges the outline of any object so that you can pick it up with your hand. It also allows you to manipulate it with a virtual object that does not exist in real view.

Augmented reality is swiftly becoming one of the hottest trends in the marketing and advertising industries, recognized as an innovative and creative way of connecting with customers and increasing engagement.